Balance | No 417

Balance | No 417


Sacral Chakra | Presence + gratitude

Ingredients | Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, vitamin e, Geranium essential oil, Frankinsense essential oil, Lanvendar essential oil, lemon essential oil

Elements | Air + Ether.

The number 417 represents the sound frequency used to restore the Sacal charka. We curated a blend to inspire Creativity + Intuition from within.


Use 3 drops of oil into palm of hand, Inhale scent with 3 deep breathes to balance the mind and enjoy the present moment. then gently massage onto face to balance complexion. Best for oily | normal skin types.

Pure Organic Essential Oils used are diluted in a carrier oil made safe for used. If you find skin irritation stop use.

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Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. Pure grade essential oils range in frequency from 52 to 580 MHz. A healthy body, from head to foot, typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 57 MHz.

When a person inhales an essential oil that scent is carried by olfactory nerve cells in the nose to the olfactory system which then sends the aroma to the brain, namely the limbic system, the house of emotions and emotional behavior. You may feel the release of negative emotions and/or the soothing of muscle tension. Mood enhancers like serotonin and endorphins get released.

Keep you vibrations High. Everything has a frequency our Facial Serums are meant to service emotions but upgrading energy through the physical body. Reset your cell to a healthy state.