the testimonials.


Spend some time heal with us.

We welcome our our clients with open arms and a whole heart. We are ready to hold space for what you need and meet you where you are at. Here are a few words from a few our the lovely souls we get to work with.



“I was very excited to try Reiki again, as it had been 15 plus years since my last treatment. Jill arrived at my home with her table to ensure I would be very comfortable during my 1 hour treatment.  She was aware I had recently finished my 3rd attempt at IVF and it had failed. I hadn't shared with her that I was really looking for some help with closure and a release from the sadness and disappointment from this 3rd failure. During the treatment the strongest sensation I had was hands around my tummy but there were never hands directly touching me according to Jill. At the end of the session I was so relaxed and had such a lightness about myself. I plan to have additional sessions with Jill to continue my recovery process.”


lISA c.

“Calming, caring and grounding. 3 words I’d use to describe my session with Jill. It was such a gift to have her come to my home and I felt deeply relaxed after our session. In a time when self-care is more important than ever and we’re all so “busy”, the ease of booking with Jill and the advantage of being in your own home cannot be understated.” 



“I recently had a session done with Jill in my home. The energy was super calming which allowed me to get into a really deep state of relaxation. During the treatment I felt a lot of energy moving through me. It was super cool to feel. She connected with areas I knew I needed extra support in. In the days after the session I felt a lot lighter but at the same time very grounded. If you are feeling stuck or are curious about Reiki, I highly recommend a session with Jill.”



“The Reiki experience I had with Jill helped me gain clarity and balance. I was going through a rough patch in my life with stress coming at me from all directions and really needed some soul cleansing. She has great vibes and is such a genuine and sweet person, and I instantly felt at ease in her presence. I feel like I was able to get some major aura refreshment during my session and came out of it ready to take my situations on. I can’t wait to go back for another session!”